Wabi-Sabi Sage: The People Have Spoken, and Sage is This Year's Most Popular Colour

It's no secret by now that this Summer season will be swimming in pastel palettes, and Sage is the colour currently proving itself to be the stand-out star of soft shades. Powder blue who?

With searches for Sage decor up 170%, the Pinterest community has pushed aside Pantone's potent Ultra Violet purple in favour of what the people have decided is 2018's real most popular colour in interior design.

An essential herb and a member of the mint family, Sage's earthy and refreshing hue is being hailed as the newest edition to the neutral colour palette, too. Now you can go green instead of grey with an understated shade that will instantly make your interiors feel invigorated, and will maintain a natural home aesthetic.

Simple, and with a familiarity that enriches a space, Sage is also ideal for adding to a Wabi-sabi space. The Japanese Zen concept of Wabi-sabi, when reflected in interior design, emphasizes the beauty of parred back decoration and an organic look. A humble shade such as Sage can make you feel more at home and back to your roots, letting you experience your space more mindfully than any lavish colour could.

In response to the huge colour trend, MuralsWallpaper have made Sage an available colourway for a curated selection of recent designs, including watercolour piece Pseudo, dazzle camo mural Divert, and a new marble design in a subtle Sage shade.

To get the most out of Sage in the home, welcome it to your walls. You can then accent the colour with lush plants, as well as hints of matcha and honeydew melon hues in your decor, to keep the fresh green feeling going.

The shade isn't intense and it isn't overly overcast - Sage is a gentle, matte shade that is easy on the eyes and the mind, so there's no need to hesitate on that desire you have to drench your room's walls in the topical tint.

Stylist Picks

Swish lifestyle shot in collaboration with The London Basin Company, featuring pieces: Blossom (basin) and Felix (vanity).

Pseudo lifestyle shot in collaboration with Ercol, featuring pieces: Teramo Small Dining Table and Butterfly Chair.

Product Details

UK: from £30.00 per square metre: https://www.muralswallpaper.co.uk/colour/green/

Europe: from €31.00 per square metre:  https://www.muralswallpaper.com/colour/green/

US: from $35.00 per square metre: https://www.muralswallpaper.com/colour/green/

Canada: from $44.00 per square metre: https://www.muralswallpaper.com/ca/colour/green/

AUS: from $35.00 per square metre: https://www.muralswallpaper.com/au/colour/green/

NZ: from $48.00 per square metre: https://www.muralswallpaper.com/nz/colour/green/


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