These educational wall murals are every little dinosaur fan's dream

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 — With each letter of the alphabet represented by a hand-drawn dinosaur, these charming wallpaper designs are any young dino fan's dream, and will have kids excited for the challenge of learning names of new dinosaurs and how to spell them.

The interactive designs depict the letters of the alphabet with a detailed dinosaur assigned to each, bringing learning your ABCs to life with personality and a sense of discovery.

They're customisable, too

What's more, a custom mural can be created using the alphabet illustrations to form any child's name and personalise the mural. Watch kids discover their new favourite dinosaurs as they use them to spell out their own name.

The designs are available in colours Neutral, Pink and Blue, or any custom colour, and are a unique educational wallpaper option for a kids bedroom.

Intended for toddlers to primary schoolers, MuralsWallpaper had the idea of making the experience of learning fun and natural for young children in mind when creating these murals.

Product details

UK: from £30.00 per square metre:

Europe: from €31.00 per square metre:

US: from $35.00 per square metre:

Canada: from $44.00 per square metre:

AUS: from $35.00 per square metre:

NZ: from $48.00 per square metre:


Email with requests or proposals and they will be happy to help.

Alpha Neutral | lifestyle shot
Triassic with custom name 'Oliver' | chair shot
Alpha Blue | chair shot
Alpha Pink | chair shot
Alpha Neutral | chair shot
Alpha Blue | swatch
Alpha Pink | swatch
Alpha Neutral | swatch