European Football Icons Transformed as Wallpaper Murals

Monday, June 13, 2016 — In celebration of the Euros, Murals Wallpaper has released their Football Icons wallpaper murals collection, featuring legends like George Best, Eric Cantona and the late great Johan Cruyff.

Choosing a player per decade, the in-house team chose hand-picked those who transcended their own talents on the pitch and became icons in the beautiful game. Their cult status has inspired generations to see football as more than a sport, but an entire cultural movement. 

Undeniable legends, each one of the players pushed the boundries of what it meant to be a footballer and through their lives on and off the pitch, became gods of the game. The chosen players for each decade are;

1960s: George Best - Northern Ireland
1970s: Johan Cruyff - The Netherlands
1980s: Marco Van Basten - The Netherlands
1990s: Eric Cantona - France
2000s: David Beckham - England
1000s: Gareth Bale - Wales


Product Details

Wallpapers are available at:
All prints are custom-sized, made-to-order and priced at £23.50 per square metre with international shipping available.

60s: George Best
70s: Johan Cruyff
80s: Marco Van Basten
90s: Eric Cantona
00s: David Beckham
James Mellan Brand Marketing Executive at Murals Wallpaper