A Little Love to Large Walls

Huge wallpapers to accentuate big spaces

Large spaces can often feel blank and unwelcoming, but with these super-sized wallpaper murals those huge walls won't be left feeling so cold and lonely.

Larger Than Life

Utilising strong imagery and enormous dimensions, these wallpaper murals deliver a powerful punch into the home and offer a striking feature wall that will never fail to capture the attention of guests.

The collection has been produced by muralswallpaper.com and aims to show a little love to large walls.

Murals Wallpaper's head designer, Catherine Jacob said: "We felt bad for big walls. Small spaces get a lot of attention. There are a lot of articles out there which give tips on making small spaces look bigger but we felt that guidance on big spaces was difficult to find."

"We created the wallpapers to show that you can do more with big blank spaces and that an oversized wall can use its size to its advantage."

The wallpapers, which can all be bought online, are custom-printed and are sized to your exact wall dimensions, so even the biggest walls can feel the love.

Product Details


Wallpapers are available at: muralswallpaper.com
All prints are custom-sized, made-to-order and priced at €29.92 per square metre 


Wallpapers are available at: muralswallpaper.com
All prints are custom-sized, made-to-order and priced at $34.00 per square metre 


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Olivia Szczeblewska-Moore PR Executive, Murals Wallpaper
Olivia Szczeblewska-Moore PR Executive, Murals Wallpaper
About MuralsWallpaper

MuralsWallpaper design, print and deliver custom wallpapers for residential and commercial projects the world over. All paper is sustainably sourced and printed on using toner that is water based and 100% environmentally friendly. The digitally designed murals and wallpapers are made to measure and unique to each and every customer, which means no two orders are the same.

MuralsWallpaper is part of Milexa Group, a UK based custom surface design company with innovation at its heart, passionate about bringing beautiful digital design to walls and floors.

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