7 Map Murals Every Traveller Will Love

Friday, March 4, 2016 — Whether you’re a travel amateur or a seasoned globetrotter, these world map wallpaper murals are perfect for a dash of travel inspiration.

From nautical vintage to sleek and modern, there are a number of map designs available. Plan your next trip, learn about the world or reminisce about your adventures abroad.

The murals are produced by Murals Wallpaper - an interiors company who custom print the wallpaper to your wall dimensions.

It’s time to take down the travel posters and replace them with one of these enormous world map wallpapers.

You can shop map wallpapers on the Murals Wallpaper website


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Faded World Map Wallpaper Mural
Clean World Map Wallpaper Mural
Textbook-style World Map Wallpaper Mural
Pastel World Map Wallpaper Mural
Blue & White Detailed Map Wallpaper Mural
Vintage World Map Wallpaper
Vintage World Map Wallpaper Mural
Olivia Szczeblewska-Moore PR Executive at Murals Wallpaper